Wednesday November 30

David Morales

Legendary dj,acclaimed artist,international superstar.....These are some of the phrases used ever so often in our day and age to describe 1000's of dj's,musicians and artists.Are these characterizations overused and not justified in most cases?I for one, definitely think that this is the case.It seems that it only takes a couple of years and a couple of hits in the charts and the media are ready to stick on the big word sticker!!So when I started composing this interview,i knew that I couldn't possibly start with one of these phrases,not only because I believe that talking about David Morales i had to invent a phrase that include all of the above titles but also because knowing David personally for a decade now,i had to dig a bit deeper in order to do justice on my opening notes for my conversation with him.In my eyes,David was is and always will be one of us, a true club kid!!He is living and breathing the scene every day since the early 80's,which makes him probably one of the most dedicated party makers house music has produced in it's 30 year history.

                                                     Hi David and thanks for talking to us today.

You have performed 1.000's of hours all around the word with everything that goes with that : the sleepless nights,the jet lag , the countless air miles and airport check ins and so forth.....What keeps you so fresh and hungry for more after all these years?

Me fresh? lol… Actually I just love what I do. Aside from all of the above it's been an awesome journey and experience. It never gets boring.Thank god that I try to eat well and exercise when I can. And now with the technology that's available I can take a studio on the road and create.

Knowing  that you were at the beginning of this movement in early 80's New York and experienced venues such as the Paradise Garage,The Loft and a bit earlier the seminal Studio 54,can you tell us where and when was the first time you heard a dj and said “this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”?

I first saw and heard a DJ at a block party in Brooklyn. Then at my junior high school prom. I remember going to someones house and they had a DJ setup and I was like WOW!!! But I always loved music and that was the basis of it all.

After you established a name for yourself in your native New York,the opportunity came and you crossed the Atlantic to perform for the first time at London's iconic Ministry Of Sound.What do you remember from that gig and how did it compare with what you were experiencing at your NY parties?

The Ministry of Sound was London's Paradise Garage. It was almost a carbon copy. Justin Berkman's concept was to bring a New York style club to London. With a New York sound system and lighting concept. The Box was thee BOMB!! And Justin brought some of us New Yorkers (Larry Levan, Francois Kevorkian, Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega and myself) because we new first of all how to handle the sound system. It was ground breaking for Europe nevermind just London.

You formed Def Mix Productions with Judy Weinstein and you created one of the most recognisable and successful brands in House music,what is the one factor behind the success and the continuity of your company?

Our success is based on experience, our love for music and most of all the love and respect that we have for each other. We have inspired each other. I have to thank Judy because without her there'd be no DEF MIX

You have been coming to Mykonos island in Greece for about 2 decades now and after all these years,your birthday party (which coincidently David is celebrating every year in Mykonos) is still one of the highlights of the summer season.Why are you connected so much with this island and where does Cavo Paradiso fits in this frame?

The first time that I went to Mykonos and Greece was in 1994. Magna Productions were the only promoters at the time doing house parties. First I did Camel Club in Athens and then that summer I went to Mykonos and played at Cavo Paradiso. I was totally blown away! I arrived at 7am and went straight to the club from the airport. I was changing in the car. I arrived at the club by 8am and there was at least 3000 people. And it was 8am!!!! Since that day I've always spent my birthday in Mykonos and celebrate it at Cavo Paradiso. I'm so happy to STILL be a part of Cavo Paradiso. It's my home in Greece.

This year you are celebrating another milestone in Mykonos with your 50th birthday event at Cavo Paradiso.As our memories are still fresh from your 40th (10 years ago when you had a surprise visit By Frankie Knuckles and Louie Vega),what shall we expect this time around?

Oh boy….The BIG "50"…. This year I will still have some of my friends and family come and celebrate with me. This year I will have Frankie Knuckles, Hector Romero, my son Brandon and a special performance by Ultra Nate. I have so many friends that want to come and play so who knows who else will be on the bill.

You are also starting a new venture in Mykonos town with your friend Manos from the infamous Magna events in the form of a Lounge bar.Do you think the local scene needed something different,did you see a gap in the market so to speak or was it the need to have closer ties with the island?

There's definitely a gap. I mean you have the after hours scene and then you have the local bar scene. We wanted to create something more exclusive and special for an adult type of crowd. Something sexy and fresh with special detail to the music. We wanted a place that brought back funk and sexiness and fun into the music. My policy is NO COMMERCIAL MUSIC. And by that I mean none of the music that's being played on the radio, every bar and every store we all know what kind of music I'm talking about lol…I never expected to open anything on the island it sort of just came together. If it wasn't for everyone from Uno Con Carne that believed in our concept this would never have happened. M Ultra Lounge is my new home. I play when I want and I also play what I want. I can be eclectic. I can play funk, r&b, reggae, disco, house music….anything. That's what is so special about this. Doing something for the island has definitely brought me a lot closer to a lot of Mykonians. Especially during these hard times. I bit of sunshine in a moment of darkness.

You are renowned for being very specific when it comes down to the sound systems you performed too and Stereo (David's legendary Montreal club) had one of the most important sound installations on the planet.How was it to perform 18 hour sets with your own sound system and is it difficult to relive this experience elsewhere ?

Stereo was my playground. I had an open checkbook when it came to the sound system. I created a DJ's dream. Complete with all the toys. The DJ booth alone was a club. It was like playing at home. When you can play whatever you want, then you can play forever. The people trusted me. I would play a new record because back then it was RECORDS 10 times. That's how you broke a new record. You can't break a new record in a 2 hour set. The only place in the world right now besides Montreal that I can play a long set is in Tokyo Japan.

In the past,you have claimed titles from the media such as grammy winner,best house remixer,club promoter and owner,you have collaborated with everybody from Michael Jackson to Maria Carrey,you had number 1 hits in many countries but if I asked you to describe your career by choosing one of these titles,which one will you choose?

If I had to choose then I would choose Best House Remixer.

Many thanks for your time and we are looking forward to see you soon!!