Friday June 1


1.You have recently collaborated with Skrillex to produce “Lick It”. What is the philosophy (if there is one) behind working with a dubstep producer and do you have any more plans to produce something more than a single with him?
We have talked about making more music but nothing happening right now.  It’s not about the genre, it’s that we respect one another a lot and like each other’s music.  Making music with people I like and respect is my philosophy and this one was extra fun.

2.Your last artist album was released last year (Fire & Ice) on Ultra records with much critical acclaim (it was #1 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums amongst other impressive chart placements), what are your future artist release plans?
I am touring really heavy right now, so I am not too worried about new music.  A few bits here and there, but it will be later in the year before I really get some quality time in the studio again.

3.You have recently started a mind bending 52 date tour which includes some really large shows around the US. Have you done something this extensive before and how to you cope with it all (the good and the bad bits)?
Yeah it’s a massive tour and I have never done anything this intense.  I am excited about it, but I am not sure how I will deal with it.  It’s just one of those things that I will take it as it comes.
4.Last summer was you first ever gig on the Island of Mykonos for Cavo Paradiso, what do you remember from that night and did the gig live up to your expectations ?
Yes, that was my first show in Greece and it was awesome.  I love playing outside and playing while the sun came up made it even better.  It’s just such a beautiful setting that I am sure I will not be forgetting that one ever.

5.This summer you will appear at Cavo Paradiso on Friday the 6th of July, what shall we expect from you this time around?
Big tunes with lots of energy rolled into a night of euphoria!  Simply put: a sweaty mess.
6.Cavo Paradiso has been voted up to number 10 club in the world in the past. How does it compare in your opinion with other major global super clubs?
Yes, that sounds about right!  It’s hard to beat the beautiful surroundings and the outdoor patio looking over the ocean.

7.Dance music has had a meteoric rise within the popular music industry the last 2 years, with major labels spending
substantial budgets on media exposure, big concerts and contracts plus as of this year, many Grammys as well. There is an ongoing debate within the industry and on social networks from ordinary people saying that this is either good or bad for Dance Music but there is also a school of thought that says it is both good and bad. What is your view on this (highly sensitive for many people) matter?
There is both good and bad that comes from all of the exposure.  It’s nice that there is more interest and money for people to work with, but bad because some of the spirit of what made this unique is being diluted.  In the end, I am sure it will work itself out – I am not too worried about it.
8.Finally, are there any more plans for 2012 that we don't know of and what are you hoping to achieve as a whole this year?
Tour, tour and more touring – taking my music to the people.  I really look forward to seeing you guys this summer!back