In a back room at Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos there’s a weathered photo of a small, white, single-roomed building perched on rocks near the edge of a cliff. It was taken in the early ’90s, and at the time a farmer used the space to make yogurt. He must have worked with a smile: the building has an incredible, uncluttered view across the Aegean Sea. It was from this tiny structure that one of Europe’s biggest and most beautiful nightclubs grew. Each summer between May and September, up to 4,000 people a night come to Cavo Paradiso, a multi-levelled, open-aired venue with a swimming pool at its centre. Traditionally people went to Cavo to hear progressive house (which was massive in Greece in the early ’00s) and classic US house, with DJs like Tony Humphries and David Morales among its regulars. These days Cavo’s bookings cleave to a distinct dichotomy: EDM on one side, techno on the other. Ricardo Villalobos, who has a long-standing relationship with the club, was booked to headline the final techno session of the summer.